How we Travel on a Budget

We live a beautiful world that craves to be explored. However, vacations are expensive, especially when you want to travel together on a romantic getaway! Trust me, I have been there, we have stressed ourselves out on several occasions, instead of coming up with simple tricks to save money. We came up with a few tips and tricks to hopefully help stop the stress and start enjoying yourselves!

  • Booking the B&B!



It’s no secret that hotels charge a lot of money for breakfast if its not included. So in order to keep down the cost, try booking one with a complimentary breakfast! Not only does it lower the price, but it also limits the amount of times you are eating out (thus further lowering the price), and you get a chance to talk to the other residents to find out places they’ve been and which places you should avoid! We have made a lot of travel buddies this way and found some hidden gems along the way!

  • Pack light !
    • IMG_0228It is super expensive to travel with extra luggage! So if you can avoid it, try packing smart! Each person is allowed one carry on bag and one personal bag (this can be a purse, backpack or any bag small enough to fit in between your legs during the flight!) When I pack I look a little like Mary Poppins, because I carry around a tote bag which is filled with stuff. I pack my small going out purse, travel gear and a few things I can’t fly without! When I pack my carry-on I roll all of my clothing so that it fits! (Make sure your hotel has an iron in your room before doing this to remove any wrinkles). I then stuff smaller items like under garments, socks and tank tops into my shoes and boots to make sure there is not a space in my bag I haven’t used! Make sure you save some extra space, however, for if and when you want to go shopping!

How to save money traveling as a couple:

  • Sharing is caring
    • You both are going to the same place so share some things like toiletries! No, not toothbrushes but toothpaste, mouthwashes, moisturizer, sunscreens etc. Plus most hotels have complimentary shampoos, conditioners, hair dryers and soap so look into it because you may be able to save on those too!
  • Two hearts one Stomach!
    • IMG_3166If you don’t want to cook while you are away, try ordering together! One thing we like to do is taste a little of every part of the meal. So we will always split an appetizer and a main entree, then still have room (and money) for dessert!


Do you have any tips for traveling light on the wallet? Plan on using any of our tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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