We Threw It Back To A Drive In Movie Theater!

Hello darlings!

We wanted to share this story in honor of throwback Thursday! So a few weeks ago Lucas and I took a road trip back to his home state of Connecticut! I know there is not a huge tourism rate in this state, however, they do have a hidden gem in this state. They have a drive in movie theater! The Mansfield Drive-In Theater is a wonderful blast from the past. Bringing together an old 50’s feel with classic music, drive in movie advertisements, and decorations. Being a long island girl, I didn’t even know these still existed but I am so glad they do! I was able to cross something off of my bucket list I didn’t even know I needed to add!


We went to watch the Incredibles 2 and without giving anything away let me just say it was worth the wait! The animations were very well done and I was constantly laughing and on the edge of my seat! When we got to the theater, we payed pretty much the same price as a normal Long Island theater for admission. Once we paid, we drove into a giant open field in front of an enormous white screen! There were three screens in the entire place for people to choose from. In order to hear your movie and control your experience they give you a FM radio station to tune into! I liked this because, being someone who suffers from migraines, loud noises tend to be a trigger. We purchased food and popcorn from a snack shack that was only a few feet away from our car. It totally brought back memories from childhood of eating in the car! They even supplied us with a small garbage bag to keep the environment and your car clean.

I would 100% recommend an experience like this to anyone, especially to those with kids! The open field is perfect for kids to play in before the movie. And many people with big trucks used the trunk for kids to lay in as they watched the movie. They even had mattresses in them! I hope that more people check this out so that this tradition can stay for as long as possible! I would love to someday take my children to a drive in movie theater!

Have you gone to a drive in movie theater? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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