A Thank you to all of our Followers

Hello and Welcome All!

Today is a special post because we really wanted to tell you all reading this how much we appreciate your support! Since it is a Monday we figured we would write all about the people who motivate us to keep writing, exploring and posting, that’s you! We understand there are so many amazing blogs, Instagrams, Twitters and Pinterests to follow and we are so excited that you joined our family!

Over the past few weeks we have been crawling towards our goal of 900 followers on Instagram and 200 followers on the blog and we have finally reached it! It took us so much longer than expected because of the follow/unfollow game that I have heard so many other talk about. Which yes, if you were wondering, drives me insane! But this post isn’t to complain or look down upon anyone, it’s about you being amazing! So thank you for sticking with us on any of our accounts and we hope to continue to connect! I will leave some of our pages below and feel free to leave your links in the comments! We love to see new faces, and read your latest posts, share your latest tweets or even comment on your latest Instagram photo!

Thanks again! Love Always!






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