Our White Water Rafting Trip

Happy September everyone! With Labor Day behind us I wanted to share an adventure Lucas and I had on our trip to Maine. We were invited to go on this trip for the second time, we went last year too. You know me, I love adventure, but this one I was honestly so nervous for both times we’ve gone. We were invited by Lucas’s work friend to join a group of their friends and family going down a river in a tube! Well it was actually white water rafting and although it was pretty scary… it was so much fun! For those of you seeking a thrill and adventure I would highly recommend going for a ride.

For both trips so far Lucas and I have been with the Northeast Whitewater Rafting company. We would highly recommend these guys! They really know what they are doing and make it feel like a safe and totally enjoyable trip. Their guides all know a lot of information about the surrounding area and the river itself too. So not only do you get the thrill of riding down the river, but you get a little nature knowledge as well! This company has also started expanding into a camping trip as well. They provide a nice, clean space behind their main building that is perfect for tenting. And for those that are not roughing-it inclined they have small huts that can be rented for a cabin feel. Please check out their website here for more info!

The Northeast Whitewater Rafting company has many rivers to chose from in their area but Lucas and I have gone down the Kennebec River each time. This river is excellent for just starting out on the white water scene. There is mainly a mixture of class 2 & 3 rapids (small to manageable) and one class 4 for those looking for that extra thrill. Our boat had 6 people to row and one more as our guide. We were lucky enough to get one of the co-owners as our guide! Lucas sat in the front of the boat and helped make sure we could all row at the same time. I thought he was going to fall out but him and all our fellow rowers managed to stay in the entire ride! I think the most fun part about the ride down the river was learning about each rapid. They each have their own name, for example, “magic falls;” the class 4 rapid. We saw rapids for the first half of the river, then ate lunch at a lunch site, and floated down the rest of the river on calm bends talking about the surrounding nature, not a bad day!

Our day for white water rafting was perfect weather. Before and after the actual ride down the river, however, was a little scary too. We were chased around by thunder storms! Fortunately we got some really cool pictures of lightning across the sky and even an awesome rainbow! I’m glad we were able to see sun for our actual river ride, but the extra storms made the whole trip that much more exciting! 

Have you gone white water rafting? Are you interested in giving it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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