What to do in Boston This Summer

So this month we had the opportunity to travel back to Boston and explore the beautiful city in the Summer. For those of you who followed our last trip to Boston, thank you for coming along the journey with us! For those of you who missed our trip this early spring you can see it all here!

So, this is summer and we understand you want to put the computer away and hurry out there on your own journey, a lot of our ideas will intertwine to make your Boston trip planning easier! So without further ado, here is our Boston trip!

We started out our adventure by taking the train to the Charles/MGH station. This allowed us to take a lovely stroll along the Charles River where there is a great bike path, loads of benches to relax and enjoy, and my favorite… the duck boat tours! Unfortunately, we did not get to go on the tour this time but it is such a cool concept! They start out by taking you out around the town sharing some historical facts, and end with the bus turning into a boat right before your eyes! How awesome! I will talk more about where to find these tours later on if you are interested, just keep reading!

Following the river we wandered up to the Boston Museum of Science! We are both HUGE science people so this was the perfect thing to add to our agenda! If you are a science enthusiast or are traveling with children, this place is amazing! There are so many Exhibits including Crocs, Space, Mapping around the world, Conservation, Making models, illusions and the hall of human life! I honestly think that the illusions exhibit was my favorite because you can interact with everything there! If you are interested, this is open 7 days a week and located at 1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114.  By the way, outside of the museum is where you will find the tickets and admission to the duck tours! See? I told you I would get to it!

Now after all of that walking you are probably pretty hungry, huh? Well we are on it! If you are interested in getting a bite to eat in a cool place we’d recommend Joe’s American Bar and Grill! They are a fantastic, and popular, spot on the Boston harbor. At the time Lucas and I went the wait for outside wasn’t longer than 30 minutes but we made a reservation anyway and were seated almost immediately. I am happy to report they have outdoor and indoor seating for anyone looking to enjoy the harbor. Outside across the street is the Christopher Columbus park. The park brings about a large crowd of people that is great for people watching but not too intrusive on your meal. Important note! They’re open 7 days a week so feel free to enjoy Joe’s American Bar and Grill any day at 100 Atlantic Avenue in Boston, MA!

IMG_0257Now if you are sitting there like, c’mon we don’t want to spend extra money on our trip, we want to save! A great option is to pack a picnic and take a stroll into the Boston Commons! They have 50 acres full of statues, ponds and plenty of green to sit and relax on! If you don’t want to bother carrying your own food, they have vendors all around the park! Now if you were following our first trip you may remember we did take a trip to this park, but it was so amazing we needed to come back! There are so many interesting trees, and I love watching the birds play in the fountains! If you want to stop by and see what we are raving about it is located at 139 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111.  

These are just a few gems that Boston has to offer! Let us know down below where your favorite place in Boston is! Leave us a suggestion on where to visit next! Thanks for reading, keep on wandering!

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