DIY Decoupage

A Super Way to Dress up Any Themed Room

In our case, Lucas’s Marvel man cave! Whether you love Marvel or DC you will love this project!



What you Will Need:

  • A Good Idea
  • White Glue or Glue Stick
  • Comics, Magazines, Newspaper etc. (We used only Comics for our table)
  • Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer
  • A Large Disposable Tupperware Container
  • Super Glaze Part A Resin
  • Super Glaze Part B Activator
  • A Wooden Base


The idea for this project started at a Pennsylvania Flea Market during the summer. We found a beautifully shaped end table for $5! Unfortunately the man selling this table did not have the glass to fit on the top. We decided to purchase it anyway in hopes of figuring out a new topper. After searching for a few weeks the only option we found was to custom make the glass top. Ordering a piece of glass was no fun so we decided to go a different path.We were told Lucas’s dad was going to throw out about two storage boxes full of old comic books away and thus our idea was born! Lucas and I decided to take the comic books, recycle them, and make a top for our unfinished table.

We made a template for the size and shape of the top out of cardboard. Then Lucas and his dad purchased a sheet of plywood from Home Depot, and used a table saw to cut the correct shape using the template. Finally, we sanded down the edges for a perfect fit using a power sander.

table5Now came the fun part for me! I went through almost all of the comics and cut out my favorite strips and panels. Once I had more than enough I began to organize them on the cardboard template to find what shapes, sizes and colors compliment each other. Once I was satisfied with my creation (and trust me, it took about a week to get there), I began to glue the panels down with traditional white glue! Once the panels were completely dry we applied three thin coats of Mod Podge Waterbase sealer (Waiting about 15-20 minutes after each coat to apply the next).

After this process was finished it was time to get sticky! In an large Tupperware container (one that we would throw out after) we mixed half and half of each Super Glaze parts (making sure it was as close to equal volumes as we could). We then mixed slowly for about 3 minutes straight (mixing it slowly prevented air bubbles!). When this was done we immediately poured the entire container on the center of the wood top, making sure that the wood was completely flat so that the resin mix could be equally distributed. An important tip; put the wooden top on a small table that it hangs off of. We used a TV dinner stand with loads of paper towels and newspaper underneath to catch the dripping mixture. We let ours dry on the stand for about 3 days before it was completely dry and then we put our top on the end table and Voila! Authentic comic book table complete!

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we did and share your new creations with us!

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