Our Day Trip to Little Bay Park

One of Lucas’s and my favorite things to do is to take day trips! And we found the perfect short trip where you can have an adventure without committing yourself to an all day event. While we were road-tripping to Connecticut to visit family we passed by this beautiful ocean scene. It was such a gorgeous view that we had to seize the moment and make a pit stop. Once we pulled into the parking lot we found friendly locals walking their dogs, self-proclaimed athletes jogging and even a wedding party taking photos! We soon found out this lovely place was called Little Bay Park in Whitestone, NY.

We wandered around for an hour before stumbling across a jetty. A jetty, for those like me who didn’t know this term, is a beautiful shoreline structure made from many large combined rocks to create a walkway. And as we thought this trip couldn’t get better, in the distance you can see the Throgs Neck Bridge! A perfect photo opportunity for my fellow photographers, Instagram queens and anyone else who just wants to take the memory with them!

This place is the perfect place for those who want a gorgeous view while jogging, walking their furry friends, fishing or just simply wandering around! If you visit Little Bay Park let us know about your experience in the comments below!  

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