Working at the Grand Opening of Xplore Family Fun Center

This weekend Lucas and I got the opportunity to work at the grand opening of Xplore family fun center in Port Jefferson. Located at 200 Wilson St., Port Jefferson Station, NY 11777.  This company is an extension of Safari Adventure in Riverhead, NY. There are several games and jungle courses for all ages. They had a section for toddlers, infants, children and even young adults! They also offer a food court, and several personal rooms for birthday parties. So check them out for your next adventure!

When we worked there, we dressed up as the Slipper Princess and Bat Hero. We worked alongside several other characters including the Troll Princess, the frozen sisters, the spider hero and a few members of paw patrol. (Can’t use actual names due to restrictions but you know who they are).  When we first walked into the room it was amazing to see the children’s faces light up. It was so much fun to cheer on our new friends while they played games and went on the different courses.

The amazing princess company Magical Memories Events have partnered with Xplore and I am so excited to get to work with them in the future!

If you could be any character who would you be? Let us know in the comments below!






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