What We Learned at our De-stress Class

Hello everyone! This past week we participated in the adult program offered to us by our public library! This program offers several classes/lectures for cooking, crafts and ways to improve your life. So, in an attempt to de-stress this month we attended the Reducing Stress Through Hypnotherapy lecture session put on by our public library. This lecture was lead by Mr. John De George, a certified hypnotist who has been practicing for over 20 years!

He began the program with a small presentation about a healthy lifestyle. Most of his information was surrounding stress. Mixed with stories of past hypnosis patients Mr. George spoke to us about how stress comes about, such as surrounding one’s self in a toxic environment. One of my favorite analogies that he made was about traffic. While talking about perspective in any situation Mr. George said (and I paraphrase here); a lot of people go through traffic after work with an angry mindset and believe it is the other drivers’ fault. He went on to say that a change of perspective can ease stress. For example, turn on some music and use the time in traffic to sing some of your favorite songs.

After the analogies and thought provoking lecture Mr. George had the group sit and experience a hypnosis session. Together we were “put to sleep” and led through a series of exercises to de-stress. The session was done without music as well. Mr. George told us in his 20 years of experience he found that music served as a distraction from the actual effect of the hypnosis. By the end of the journey I was left very calm and serene. All in all it was an excellent way to de-stress after a long day!

Have you had any experience with hypnosis therapy? Let us know in the comments below about your feelings towards hypnosis!

One thought on “What We Learned at our De-stress Class

  1. I love this! The hubs & I were hypnotized to quit smoking cigarettes in 1995. It worked for him *snap* just like that; me, I’m more stubborn than he is – so it took me m-u-c-h longer. I never considered using hypnosis for anything that wasn’t a ‘habit’ needing to be reigned in or broken so this is enlightening! Thank you for sharing~!


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