The Perfect Place for a Long Island Brunch – Ruvo East

A few Sundays ago we found ourselves wandering around Port Jefferson, NY. If you have never been to Port Jeff I highly recommend it! Not only is it right on the harbor but there are several mom and pop shops, boutiques, and amazing restaurants to eat at. Which is why we were excited to try a new place for our Sunday brunch, our destination: Ruvo East!

Ruvo East is a restaurant and bar with an Italian flare. It uses the freshest ingredients, which I find very important! I know that most places say that they make things fresh but let me tell you, I ordered a delicious strawberry basil lemonade that was taking a few minutes. The waitress noticed me looking around and she let me know that the wait staff was actually making a fresh batch! And let me tell you, it was worth the wait! The strawberry basil lemonade was refreshing, cold and you could taste every ingredient involved; fresh basil, soft strawberries and of course the all time summer classic lemonade taste! But I am getting wayyy ahead of myself! Let me describe the place first and how to get there!

So I will be the first to admit on a Sunday early afternoon, prime brunch time, the parking lot at Port Jeff can get a little hectic! But once you find a spot the port is yours to explore! Ruvo East is a hole-in-the-wall little restaurant that looks almost like a little Italian cottage. It’s located in an alleyway between the main street and the parking lot. While it can be hard to locate, it is very picturesque! We were seated in the dining room which had a greenhouse vibe; a beautiful skylight and plenty of space to move around! Our waitress could not have been nicer if she tried. Since it was an early afternoon on a Sunday we got to choose between both the Sunday brunch and the lunch menu! A little side tip; if you order brunch you get one complimentary mimosa or bloody mary!

I got the grilled chicken BLT off the lunch menu. It was cooked just right and came with french fries that were crispy and tasty. Lucas ordered off the brunch menu and got the “crab benedict.” It was a typical eggs benedict dish with the english muffin replaced with a crab cake. It came with a side of home fries and bacon that were cooked to perfection. Our friend Brendan came with us and ordered the cornflake crusted french toast. A mouthful to say and to eat! His large portion of french toast came out piping hot and with a side of home fries and bacon like Lucas’s.

Have you been to Ruvo East? Been to any other good brunch places? Let us know in the comments below!

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