Hidden Gems in Boston

When we visited Boston, Massachusetts we decided to ask a few locals where the hidden gems were located! Here is what we found:


Acorn street

This is a beautiful 18th century colonial style cobblestone road. You may be thinking ‘Wow! that is very picturesque!’ well the prettiest little street in Boston is actually the most photographed street in America! How Cool! This is just one of Beacon Hills’ best places to go. It’s free! just make sure you let others have their turn strolling down this beautiful street!


Tatte Bakery

This bakery seems a little hectic at first, but it’s totally worth it! If the coffee and pastries don’t pull you in, the brunch menu will! This spot offers both indoor and outdoor seating and is once again, very Instagram friendly! Lucas had their house coffee and I got the mocha. Both were great choices, it was cold outside so it was smart that we got them hot! We then shared an espresso mousse cake, and a raspberry almond tart! Both really hit the spot!



This restaurant has a theme of “Things we call French” meets California cuisine! We went at 1:30 PM, which was the perfect time because we were seated right away! The walls had old brick and had a very modern meets industrial vibe! Lucas had the grilled cheese which was oozing with taste and I had the B.A.L.T which was bursting with flavor. Overall I’d say you get the small coffee shop and the space of a full-fledged restaurant at the same time!

IMG_7838Union Square Donuts

This little hole-in-the-wall shop was right in the heart of Boston! Let’s be honest, the donuts are pretty expensive but worth the trip! It was a cute little coffee shop, that had gourmet donuts with vegan alternatives. I had the dark Belgium chocolate donut, and Lucas had the mango raspberry glaze! These donuts are huge and amazingly delicious! This was the last stop on our Journey and it was the perfect way to end our trip!

Underground parking at Boston Gardens

Parking in the Boston Commons/Garden area can get very tricky. Between the one way streets and how popular the area is it can be hectic to find a street-side parking spot. For an easier parking spot try the underground parking garage in the area. With an entrance in between the Commons and Garden it’s hard to miss. It also exits directly into the Commons! However, make sure you remember which entrance you came out of so you don’t get lost when you want to find your car later!

Sunday the Meters are Free 

We made an awesome discovery on our trip to Boston. The parking meters in Beacon Hill are free on Sunday’s! If you can’t make it on Sunday you can use Boston’s parking meter app for convenient payment. You can also use the app to check how much time you have left or feed the meter without walking back to your car!

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