Our Current Top Three Favorite Netflix Binges

Hello fellow Netflix enthusiasts! Welcome to our small corner of the internet! As a couple, Lucas and I love spending nights exploring Netflix; watching old movies, or binging new shows. But it is sometimes hard to find something we both are interested in. So today we wanted to share our current top three favorite binges!

The first show is called “Once”. It is a show where fairytale characters are forced out of the story book and into our world due to a curse done by the evil queen. However, they have no idea they were ever characters in the first place. That is, until someone they call ‘the savior’ comes to town. “Once” has 6 seasons in total and we liked the fact that the characters are not only from the fairytale realm. As the show goes on the writers create several spin off characters from Neverland, Jekyll and Hyde and even the merry old land of OZ!

Calling all nineties kids! Our next show is “Fuller house”! This is a continuation of the well know show “‘Full House”. This time around DJ, Steph and Kimmie are all grown up. But just because they are adults doesn’t mean they don’t need each other like they always have. Lucas and I both really enjoyed this show because it is more upbeat and light-hearted than the original show. This show currently has 3 seasons on Netflix and we are hoping there will be more to come!

Our last show is “Bates Motel””. This show is based off of the thrilling classic horror movie “Psycho”. Bates motel follows Norman Bates and his true relationship with his mother Norma. We really enjoyed this show because the it cleverly displays Norman becoming the man who has made us all secretly afraid of showering in an empty house. This show has 4 seasons on Netflix and is a great show if you like to cuddle up close.

We hope you check out these shows and let us know down below if you have seen these or any others you think we should watch! Thank you!

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