Steps to Success in Your Fitness Journey – The Series

I want to take this time to introduce a very important person in my life. My client Brendan.  Brendan is a good friend to both Luke and me. This year Brendan has decided that his new years resolution would be to lose weight and build muscle.

The first step of any journey is focusing mentally.

Your mind is the strongest thing about you, if you don’t believe in something it will never happen. Your body hears what your mind says, if you tell yourself you cannot do something, you won’t. But haven’t you ever heard the quote, ‘you can do anything you put your mind to?’ I’m not saying if you wish it, it will come true. Honestly you don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it and wishing for it. But if you stay positive, and are ready, truly ready to make a change thats a huge step forward. Fitness is all mental, your control on your intake, your bodies movement, everything happens with your mind. When you have all those aspects, they call that motivation!

I remember the first week of working with Brendan, he looked at me like I have ten heads when I told him he couldn’t eat certain sweets, or had to eat certain veggies. And no, I didn’t starve him, or completely remove food groups. I used portion control and healthy swaps. I was trying to nourish him, not punish him. Instead of eating two danishes from 7-11 in the morning I had him have a cup of coffee, a banana, small packet of whole almonds and a Nutri-Grain bar! By the end of the first day he told me he was more full than when he ate his old meals. But meal prep is a tale for the next chapter in the series, back to motivation!

Now working out with Brendan wasn’t a walk in the park, I’ll be the first to say. He fought with me numerous times about shortening workouts, taking longer breaks, and even skipping days. But after a million sweaty questions of ‘why!?’, the answer finally came. My favorite moment of this month was after 2 weeks when Brendan finished his first workout without needing a break. The look on his face when he realized he didn’t take a break, when he realized he was stronger than when he started, when he realized he could do this. Now that, was priceless. That is why. That is motivation.

Now this is only the first month but here is the amount of progress you can make with just a little push!

The pictures with grey pants are after 1 month!

*Disclaimer: Consent has been given to display all personal information and images from all participants in this post.

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