Our PA Trip

Hello fellow adventurers! We are back in New York from our first trip of the year! After a 4 ½ hour ride through the traffic of the Cross Bronx Expressway, and climbing our way into the mountains we finally made it to Pennsylvania.


We started our first day with a full breakfast and off we went to check out a rummage sale hosted by the volunteers at St. Lawrence church. We found several treasures there, including an upcoming small project for us! We are going to redesign this old recipe box into our own kitchen focal point. We can’t wait to share the transformation with you!



Once we got home from rummaging through the forgotten treasure. We needed to learn our way around the property. To do this we needed to enlist a professional, someone who knows the property better than anyone. So we called our friend Nita the guide hound!



The next morning we received 3 inches of snow. We wouldn’t be Frozen characters if we didn’t immediately think of building a snowman! We named him Olaf… go figure! When our new friend was made, we decided to go sledding down the hill. We raced sledding on our stomachs, backs and Lucas even went down as if he was surfing! He didn’t even fall! I, however, did not have the same luck, falling flat on my face in the packed snow.

Now that we are home it’s time to plan a new trip! Next up! Boston, MA!

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