Reflections on Mid-February

At the beginning of this month Lucas and I set some goals for our social media platforms. Now we are more than half way through February and we are happy to say we’ve accomplished three out of the four goals and are very close for the other two!

So here are our goals:

1. We wanted to reach 300 followers on Twitter and as of yesterday we had 339. ✔️

I honestly have to give a shout out to all of the amazing people on Twitter! There is such a loving and supportive community on this platform and I can’t wait to meet even more bloggers on there!

2. Our blog also beat our 10 follower goal with 26 so far! ✔️

This is all due to you guys reading this! Honestly, we love our followers because most of you are on WordPress.That makes it so much easier for us to keep up with your content as well! We are also on Pinterest and pin a lot of fun projects to try, outfits, and volunteer opportunities so share some pins with us!

3. We want to have 150 followers on Instagram before the month is done. So far we have 140, only 10 away!

If you aren’t following us on Insta we would love to have you join our journey! We love sharing our photos and we show a lot of love to those who follow us through comments, likes and stories!

4. On YouTube we want to reach 5 subscribers and are only 1 away now!

We know that we aren’t very active on YouTube as Twitter and Insta but we are working on it! We are posting our video from our Pennsylvania trip this week so stay tuned!

5. Help my fitness client reach his one month goal!

For those of you who have read the beginning of the “How to Succeed on Your Fitness Journey” series, you already have met my client Brendan! I am so proud of him achieving his goal for the first month of his training! If you, or anyone you know on Long Island would like to start your fitness journey shoot me an email. We can talk about motivation, nutrition or even schedule some training sessions or meal plan sessions!

Big update! We received our first product to review. Although I’ll leave the review to our spokescat on our YouTube channel linked above. Also, after our first trip to Pennsylvania we are coming up on another trip. This time we go to Boston, Massachusetts! Look forward to videos and posts all about planning road trips along with plenty of travel tips!

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