March Review So Far

Goals reached:

For our Instagram: 350 Followers! – 403 ✔

For the Twitter: 500 Followers! – 577 ✔

For our Pinterest: 25 Followers! – 48  ✔

Goals we still need:

For this Blog: Reach 100 Followers! – 88

For our Bloglovin: Reach 30 Followers! – 24

For the new YouTube channel: 10 Subscribers! – 4

Other exciting updates:

We are now on Facebook!

7 thoughts on “March Review So Far

  1. This is one of the first times I’ve seen a post on, a blog, about social media statistics as a goal! Sharing goals makes people care and, eventually, you end-up fulfilling your goals and giving them happiness in the process!

    These goals are wonderful, I would love to see these goals evolve and become something like: How much I earned in this month: $$$

    Have a wonderful month!

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