Our Trip to NYC

Hi everyone! Lucas and I went into the Big Apple for another adventure. We made stops for coffee, nature, food, and even some animals!


Our first stop (obviously) was for some coffee at Gregory’s Coffee, a New York based coffee shop with a unique design. Inside each shop feels modern and gives a subtle hipster vibe. All of their cups have their iconic logo of the creators hairstyle too. They have good, quick coffee that was perfect for keeping our hands warm on the cool winter day. A cool hidden fact about this place is that the wallpaper looks like old advertisements from the 40’s!

IMG_7952Continuing on our adventure we stopped at the Hallet Nature Sanctuary in Central Park. What we didn’t know is that there was only one way in and out! Lucas and I walked all the way in and found an awesome area with a picnic table, only to find out we had to walk all the way back. We didn’t mind too much because the entire walk was very picturesque with several benches for taking a break. I wouldn’t recommend going on the trail in the rain or snow though because some of the hills can get really steep.

IMG_8074This big stop on our journey was the Central Park Zoo. We were able to see all kinds of animals including; cranes, baboons, sea lions, grizzly bears, snow leopards and many more! One of my favorite places in the zoo was the tropical area. Not surprising I know, who doesn’t love the tropics! Besides the wonderful tropical warmth we felt, we also were able to see colorful birds, lemurs and cool lizards. Some of the birds are used to humans and can be very friendly too!



Our last stop of the trip was the Tick Tock Diner NY by Penn Station. They serve 24 hour breakfast! So of course I had to take advantage and got some pancakes. Luke had a  cheese steak sandwich for lunch and said it was very good.The place has the classic NY diner feel and actually has a lot of space inside for being so close to the train station. Make sure to make this restaurant a stop on your trip for breakfast at any time!

3 thoughts on “Our Trip to NYC

  1. Concrete-jungle tourism – very nice – is becoming popular these-days as City Tourism!

    Everyone loves nature, so people thought, “Let’s visit cities this time”, and wow – they got a new experience!

    This is the first time I’ve heard of people taking a trip to New York to visit the park!

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