5 Things I have Learned as a new Blogger

  1. Get on multiple platforms!
    • Use platforms to help others. If you are a new blogger one huge platform to get on is Twitter! The community is amazingly supportive and you can reach more people on different platforms! It’s kind of a divide-and-conquer thing when it comes to social media!
  2. Participate in blog trains!
    • On Twitter there are blog/Instagram/Pinterest etc. follow trains! These are where people post their links and connect with others out there that are at different stages in their blogging journeys! You look through, like and support each other. It is a great way to build your blogging tribe.  
  3. Ask Questions!
    • I have started to ask questions at the end of several blog posts. I find that this opens up the table of discussion for readers. Through this I can interact directly with my readers through comment responses.
  4. Give back to your blogging community!
    • Whether it be a shout out to another lovely blogger or starting a collaboration, giving back to your blogging community is always important. On Twitter I do several shout outs, follow Fridays etc., we have also partnered with Civion and Hydrating Homeopathy to give discounts to products we love! 
  5. Comment, Like and Reply!
    • I am constantly looking at, commenting and liking my followers blogs, Instagrams, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Engaging with your followers is a great way to show them you care and are actually interested in what they have to share! You learn something new, they get feedback, everyone wins!

13 thoughts on “5 Things I have Learned as a new Blogger

  1. All great things to learn early on! The blogging community is such a supportive one, and I absolutely love it. Everyone seems to root for everyone else and it couldn’t be cooler. Glad you’re part of it now, too! Yay!

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