How to Create Crosses out of Palms for Easter

palm sunday final step

Hello Everyone! Easter is near so if you celebrate and you still are unsure how to cross your palms I’m here to help!




First things first you need a palm! You can get them from Mass, in your Church’s directory or sometimes the lobby! A huge trick I learned is to flex the palm gently back and forth to get it ready. Once it’s nice and flexible, establish which side is top and bottom. (Bottom should be where the palm gets thinner!)







OK, so the first step is to lightly bend the top of the palm a little less than ¼ of the way down! Do not let it snap, so don’t bend it fully!









Now bend the bottom half of the palm simply (and lightly) the opposite way!







Now the next step is a little more tricky! You are going to fold the bottom part of the palm (that you just bent upward) over towards the right! This one is getting fully bent just be gentle enough not to snap it! (This is why we flex it in the beginning!)








Next you are going to simply fold and bend that same strand towards the left but behind the whole figure!







Now complete the cross by bending the remaining strand back towards the middle! (It should overlap, this is a good sign!)  


Finally, now you fold the overlapping section back up and over the center wrapping it around numerous times and making it stay! You can use any pattern you want, I like making an X.

I hope this was helpful and you all have a happy Holiday!

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