Lent Recap

meal prep food shopping for vegetables

Ok everyone, Lent is finally over! So to recap, Lucas and I gave up fast food. The first week  was tough because we used to go about twice a month out of convenience. But let me tell you, it has been worth it.

So there we were, no Wendy’s, pizza, Chinese food, etc. It’s hard to break a habit but when you have a cause or drive it makes it easier. I feel like we both felt a spiritual dedication to finish what we had started. Our first step was to remove the option from our lives. We threw out all coupons, pamphlets, and anything else that even resembled fast food. We started to look out for new recipes, and tips and tricks on how to eat healthier, so we started reading about meal prepping.

We dedicated our Sundays to shopping for food, searching for new recipes to try and cooking all of our food. Buying and cooking our own food was definitely more work, but it ended up saving us money. Instead of spending $15 for one meal, we bought $10 worth of chicken which lasted us three days! But I still don’t feel like that was the best part. I really believe that this promise not only was better for our bodies but for our relationship as a couple. We were spending more time being productive together, communicating about food, health, money and exploring recipes. Cooking together is one of my favorite activities, putting on music, dancing together in between each stir, and tasting each others dishes. This promise had a positive impact all around and I would recommend anyone take this challenge!

What did you give up for lent, if you celebrate? Do you think you can continue with it? Do you feel like this change was positive or negative? Let us know in the comments below!

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