Our At Home Spa Day

This past weekend we did an at home spa day! Lucas and I and two of our close friends got together and prepared a relaxing spa day that covered the essentials.

We started by preparing the room. The lights were dimmed, our oil diffuser was turned up, and we even broke in the new salt lamp to help our breathing. The salt lamp was new but it helps clear your lungs of flem and other nasties that prevent you from relaxing. Not only that but it provides an even glow across the room that makes it look pretty and sets the mood for relaxation!

Next came a pore scrub to help remove the dead, dry skin and provide a deeper clean to our pores. Once that was done it was time for our shea butter face masks! They gave off the smell of coconut as the group enjoyed one of our favorite party games; JackBox. If you are interested in JackBox feel free to read more about it in our blog post linked here.




After we completed the face masks we prepped for our foot soak. Using individual buckets for soaking we poured in a cup each of lavender scented epson salts and warm water from the tub. To complete the relaxing soak we applied olive oil to our cuticles and a moisturizer over the whole hand. After rubbing in the moisturizer we covered our hands with gloves to allow our hands to get fully hydrated while not getting the moisturizer all over the place. Now all prepped to relax we put on a movie and sat fully relaxed shown by our friends here.


The finishing touch for spa day was a moment of meditation. For this we turned out the lights except the TV, oil diffuser, and salt lamp and ran a guided meditation YouTube video. Our meditation lasted about 10 minutes but left us fully relaxed, especially after all that lovely treatment to our skin!

Well that sums up our spa day this weekend. In the comments below tell us about your favorite way to pamper yourself!

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