The Best Comfort Food on the Island

This weekend we decided to kick off the warmer weather vibes early and went to Smokin Als, a BBQ Pit in Massapequa, NY. As we walked in  the door we were instantly amazed at the down to earth atmosphere. The room was full of laughter and smelled like a good old fashion summer day with friends. There were many fun paintings of pigs on the wall. Some pigs played cards, some danced and some even enjoyed a drink at the bar!

IMG_8241Even though we were walk-ins we still were seated within 15 minutes upon arrival at prime time. When we sat down we got to talk to the waitress about what she recommends for food and drink. She told us you can’t go wrong with a little lemonade and some good old fashion ribs. So we both ordered some lemonade, which did not disappoint, and I got the baby back ribs with their macaroni and cheese. The meat nearly fell off the bone and was seasoned to perfection! And if you ever go and feel like it could use a little more, they offer three different sauces they created; Original, Sweet Talkin, and Rattlesnake. Luke tried the pulled pork with black beans and sweet potato fries. He says the food was excellent with every bite. The pork was hot in temperature with a little kick and the sweet potato fries were cooked to perfection he says. When the waitress came by to pick up the check we were both already dozing from the food coma! Seriously…. I feel like we left there 5 pounds heavier! Worth it!

Let me tell you, the prices we a little more expensive than the average BBQ joint, but the portions were large and the experience was amazing. We had so much food that we ate the rest for dinner the next night! If you are in the South Shore Long Island area we highly suggest you stop by for a taste of this delicious comfort food!

Let us know what your favorite comfort food is in the comments below!!!

For more on Smokin Al’s BBQ Joint click the image below:


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