Civion Necklace Review

Ladies let’s talk accessories! It is no secret that accessories are powerful, even when they are dainty. They pull pieces together and can completely make or break an outfit. So lets be sure to pick the right ones! Now I will be one of the first people to say that I love accessories but I always forget to put them on unless I am going to an event. But I feel that’s because I haven’t found the right one to wear on an everyday basis. Am I preaching to the choir here? Probably not, but I will continue!

I received the Circa Necklace from Civion recently, thankfully before I went away because let me tell you this necklace went with every outfit I wore! It is a simple yet stylish gold chain which is so beautifully minimalist! You can layer it with multiple other necklaces or have it shine and stand on its own. Either way you will look amazing! If you know anything about me it’s probably one of two things… One, I love candles, and two I love Audrey Hepburn! I personally think she is a style icon that rises above the rest. Her classic look is so stunning and graceful. Well let me tell you, with the simplicity of this necklace I felt just as classy as my favorite girl!

Now I have gotten this product at a discount so that I can use it on Instagram but I honestly love it so much I felt it deserved it’s own post! So if you are interested in checking out this necklace or more accessories like it, check out Civion’s page here! And if you so happen to fall in love with a piece, here is a little gift from me; 25% off your purchase if you use the code Faith25. (The period is not part of the code, just needed to end my sentence sorry!)

Are bracelets your style? Are you more of a necklace person? Queen of the rings? Let me know some of your favorite accessories down below!

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