Coconut Coffee Scrub by Frank Body Review

To continue our VoxBox series, the next product we reviewed was the Coconut Coffee Scrub from Frank Body! This product is normally between $16 and $19 and in my opinion, worth it. Honestly I would not get this product for every day or week use but it is the perfect pick me up before any event! I like that it is Australian-made, but I LOVE that it is cruelty-free! I find this so important in any skincare product I use. This scrub’s job is to target everyday skin issues that can cause you to want to cover up and hide your skin like stretch marks and cellulitis.

I used this right before going on vacation and I am so glad I did because it made me that much more confident to wear a sundress and skirt out. Now, I don’t have stretch marks, nor cellulitis, but because I don’t get out too much in the sun my skin appears very dull in the summertime. That’s why I am so glad I got the chance to use this product! I applied it in the shower and once I was done scrubbing and I rinsed off my skin felt immediately smoother and softer! The best part, it lasted! Yes! Finally a scrub that not only gave me a good feeling but kept my skin looking and feeling healthier than ever before! Not only that, but it left my skin (and the bathroom) smelling like a fresh pot of coffee with a beautifully subtle hint of coconut! Now it’s not perfect because it does get a little messy, but if you follow the instructions and use it in the shower it makes the clean up that much easier!

Once again I have received all of the VoxBox products, including this one by Frank Body for free in return for a honest review of their product!

Do you enjoy using body scrubs? Maybe even one from this company? Let us know what you use to make your skin glow all year long!IMG_8784

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