Foot Petal Review

Our next product review from the Influenster VoxBox is Foot Petals. This shoe insole provides comfort for those shoes that just need a little extra cushion available for $19.95. The idea is simple; put your foot on the padded area, cut to fit, put in your shoe, and boom! Comfy feet! Not only that but the fabric helps air flow in your shoe to keep your feet dry and fresh. As an added bonus these insoles are machine washable, a great way to refresh the use without buying a new one!

I was skeptical looking at this product at first. But I tried them in my sneakers and was comfortable on my feet all day at work. They fit right in my shoes after cutting them down to size and I can move them from shoe to shoe when I need a different pair. They also add an extra layer to the shoe for any shoes that are slightly too big. A big plus when I think about new shoes that “almost” fit but look so cute! One more thing that makes these insoles so great is using them while running or other cardio exercise activities. The extra padding absorbs some extra shock from each step or move to help brace joints like ankles and knees. For anyone with weaker joints this is a great find!

These insoles worked great for me! Do you use insoles? Let us know in the comments below.

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