Our Touch-A-Truck Adventure

The “Touch-a-Truck” event comes from Long Island’s 102.3 WBAB and 106.1 BLI working with Nassau County and the John Theissen Children’s Foundation to bring fun to the community. The John Theissen Children’s Foundation is a non-profit that helps support families in welfare to afford medical bills for their children and provide therapeutic and recreational facilities for children to learn and grow. The event brings many types of trucks; fire trucks, military vehicles, bulldozers and other construction vehicles, and even a 175 foot boom crane. All of the vehicles were parked in Eisenhower Park field 6a and the community was welcomed to explore each one. A great event for kids as they could explore the trucks and have fun with music provided by the radio stations, not to mention us as the characters!

touch a truckFor this event Lucas and I joined with Magical Memories Events to bring characters to the scene. We partnered with two other coworkers at Magical Memories to go as Mr. Minion, Snow Princess, Ice Princess, and Mr. America. (Can’t use the actual names due to licensing but you guys get the idea!).  Lucas put on the Mr. Minion costume. It was a hot day to be in the big costume but the kids enjoyed taking pictures and dancing with him in that big yellow costume. I was dressed as the Snow Princess which was amazing because we had such a long line of smiling faces to meet we never had a dull moment! We met so many wonderful new friends and got to talk and sing with several children who were almost in shock that their favorite characters were standing right there in front of them. We love working these events and supporting caring charities like the John Theissen Children’s Foundation!

We hope to see you at the next Touch-a-Truck event! Let us know below which characters you would be!

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