Couples Travel Savings Plan

Hi guys! Lucas and I have come up with a great way to save up for those big vacations. We started using this savings plan back in February and are happy to say we’ve stuck with it so far! The reason it works so well for us is we each put in the same amount of money, and because it’s a week by week plan we can see our savings grow each week!

OK, so the way our plan works goes like this: every week both of us put in a dollar amount to our savings pool. Starting with the first week we each put in $1, then the second week we each put in $2, third week $3, and so on. After a year each of us will have saved up about $1,400 total to put towards a new adventure or even a much needed escape! Lucas and I also add any money we receive from joint holiday cards and presents which will add even more to our travel budget. This isn’t necessary for the savings plan but can be a good boost!

Maybe my favorite part about the plan is how we are storing the money. Because it’s fun to watch our travel fund literally grow Lucas and I got a jar, actually a cocktail mixer, to put our money into. At the beginning we were just putting in dollar bills but now we’ve really gotten into the plan and there’s quite a few bigger bills in there. Being able to see the progress we’ve made towards our next big adventure makes putting more in each week get better and better!

Do you think this plan would work for you? Where would you go on your next adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Couples Travel Savings Plan

  1. I’ve heard about this before and think it’s such a fun idea! It’s fun to physically see your money grow and your next adventure getting closer!

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