Chocolate and Wine Festival

On May 19th we explored the 11th annual Chocolate and Wine Festival in the historic town of Montrose, PA, in Susquehanna County. Since we purchased our tickets in advance we got to attend the event for $20 a person!

IMG_9004On the day of the festival we arrived and there was a slight drizzle. Not a problem since we were dressed in full rain attire including my favorite blue raincoat! Because we got our tickets in advance we got through the entrance gate relatively quickly. After a quick bag and ticket check we were given our own event logo wine glasses! We used the glasses right away as we went around the festival tasting some very good wine. The local wineries were giving out samples of almost half of their flavors at individual booths around a nicely set out path for people to wander around and try what they like. One booth had a large necklace for sale that would actually hold your wine glass for you while you walked around the festival! In between these booths were food trucks, cheese stations, and my favorite; chocolate!

There were a few chocolate booths that were offering samples of each business’s best chocolate. Of course I gave them all a try and found out my favorite was an earl grey dark chocolate truffle. The store actually made chocolate that they had soaked an earl grey tea flavor into and it was amazing! For the tea lovers out there I highly suggest getting your hands on some earl grey chocolate in the future!IMG_8977

At the end of our walk through of the festival Lucas and I voted on our favorite wine of the day. We settled on a smooth blackberry wine and quickly got a bottle to take home with us, along with a few chocolate strawberries, cupcakes and blueberry truffles. After we got our new bottle of wine we stood by the local band performing on an outdoor stage to finish off the day. Overall the day was a success! We got to taste good wine and chocolate, buy a great new wine, and listen to some awesome music with some awesome company. I’m excited to go to more of these festivals in the future.

Have you been to a chocolate and wine festival? Do you like more or less dry wines? Let us in know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate and Wine Festival

  1. There’s a chocolate and wine festival? Is there a more perfect combo? It looks like you had a lovely time. It’s a shame it rained but I’m glad you still enjoyed it 😊

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