Rapunzel Costume Review

Hello Fellow Princesses, princes and Superheros! For the past few weeks I have been trying to find and put together a Rapunzel costume for two upcoming events we are volunteering at! Although I was on a budget, I still think it came out pretty good, so if you are interested in purchasing costumes, wigs or shoes in the near future, check out these sellers!

The Dress : 

IMG_9068This $30 dress I was super nervous about honestly, when I was shopping on Ebay for a dress this one caught my eye but it looked a little too good to be true. You can see where I purchased this dress from here. Although it does not come with a bustle and the dress is all one piece everything else seemed true to the photo! The dress came on time, the fabric is light and the designs look exactly like the photo from the seller! My favorite part about this dress is that the sheer sleeves fit like a glove! Most reviews that I have found online complained that the sleeves were either too loose or too tight but this one fit just right! (I am a poet and I didn’t even know it! ) I would highly recommend this dress, I am so glad I ordered such a good quality dress that fit in my budget!

The Shoes: 

IMG_9117.JPGOkay so I have to start off by saying I know I purchased these shoes for the Rapunzel costume and I swear I wore them for it, but I also use them now as everyday shoes because they are so comfortable and cute! These $15 ballet flats were purchased on Amazon here. I am normally a 6 ½-7 and I purchased the 7-8 size which fit me well so keep that in mind when you are purchasing! Another bonus is that these shoes comes in over 30 different colors!

The Wig: 

IMG_9116I know I mention that I was nervous during this whole process but I don’t think anything scared me more than purchasing this wig! I mean think about it, when you think of Rapunzel what main feature do you think about? The Hair! So I knew that i needed to make the right choice. Most of my budget went towards this wig and I have to say it was a bit of a battle! This $50 wig was purchased here and luckily came in three business days! It was well carried but I needed to add my own flowers which was stated in the photo so I wasn’t mad just frustrated because I didn’t realize how much work this was going to be! I promise I will show my steps a little into the future but for now just know it wasn’t easy. When I tried to brush the bottom of the hair its synthetic strands started to break apart which made me nervous and after looking up tutorial after tutorial of how to fix it, I finally got it somewhat back to what it was. I undid the entire wig, re-braided and added flowers which took about 2 hours long! That’s longer than the entire film the wig was based off of! I have to say if you are going to purchase a wig, this one is a good wig to get, just be sure to take very good care of it from the start and do not try to change it too much like I did!

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