Paint Night

Hello to all of our creative readers! This past week I went to my very first paint night! I have to admit I was a little nervous at first but I am soooo glad I went through with it!

I booked the class through Paint Nite Long Island which shows you several beautiful paintings at different venues. I went with my good friend Michele who is a paint night pro! She has gone several times and was more than happy to show me the ropes. Our paint night was hosted by Sammy B at a TGI Fridays which is a classic favorite of mine. We got there about 10 minutes early and were able to get some great seats up front by the artist. The company provided us with an easel, paints, a canvas, cup of water, three different brushes and most importantly, a smock! This was the smartest idea ever because we got paint everywhere, I wish I was kidding!

We started the night with a Sangria-Rita and some yummy appetizers. What I thought was new was that we had to take an oath at the beginning of the class to not judge one another or ourselves for our creations. This was awesome since I was so nervous having never done this before. I had just assumed everyone there was a professional painter. The artist explained each step of the process as she painted and gave us time to put our own spin on things. Being able to be creative was so much fun! She went around every couple of steps to make sure that we didn’t have questions or concerns about our pieces.

Once the class was done we were able to take photos with our new masterpieces to put on our Instagrams, which we all know is exactly what I did! You can see my painting here. The fun fact I learned after getting to talk to the artist is that it is very rare that the artist is painting their own paintings. So 90% of the time, the picture on the website was done by another artist! How cool that they get a chance to learn so many paintings!

Have you ever done a paint night? What are some of your favorite paintings or artists? Let us know in the comments!

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