Essentials for throwing an Awesome Apartment Friendly 90’s Summer Jam!

Hello everyone, Summer is finally here, which i think deserves to be celebrated!  So, for our first ever kick off the summer party, we have decided to do a 90’s summer jam party! Shoutout to our fellow 90’s kids! Even though we have a small apartment we wanted this party to be full of all things summer and nostalgia. So to start off, we thought we would brainstorm with a little word association! The first thing we thought about when we heard the word “Summer” was tropical, colorful, and travel! Then when we thought about “colorful” we think flowers, fruits etc. This list gets a little long so we will spare you the details and encourage you to play your own word association game!

IMG_9526Once we had our ideas in order it was time to strategically plan our decor! We decided to travel to three stores for our decorations, the Christmas Tree Shop, the Dollar Store and Michael’s. None of these are crazy expensive but when you are working on a budget with a group of 11 in a tiny apartment, you have to get creative! So we started off at the middle ground spot, the Christmas Tree Shop! This is where we could find a few simple items to subtly bring our theme into the picture! We purchased several games like Jenga, Uno, Old Maid etc. We also purchased some summer themed items like flamingo stirrers for our homemade sangria that you can find (add link) here, and palm tree dish towels, oven mitts and placemats!


Once we had a few items for mainly the kitchen it was time to tackle the main room. We went to Michaels arts and craft store next where we picked up a “Fun in the Sun” banner and a few paper pineapples to hang from the ceiling. We also added a few travel plaques and photos to hang around the room to make it seem like a vacation!



Rolling off the vacation idea we went to the Dollar Store and got some leis, some fake flowers and a simple tiki torch. To bring the Summer theme into the room we spread the leis on different decorations already in the room. For example, on the lamp, or on candles in front of the TV. The tiki torch we put in a corner that needed a little oomf for the party. We disguised the bottom in some weights and tucked in some tall fake flowers to wrap up around it. Putting a simple scarf around the weights to hide them put the final touch on our perfect Summer-corner decoration.



2 thoughts on “Essentials for throwing an Awesome Apartment Friendly 90’s Summer Jam!

  1. This looks really cool. Though we live near the sea, not in a city, prices in this part of the UK are so high, so we are flat (apartment) dwellers too!
    tracy @bloggerbythesea x

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