My Skincare Routine as a Medical Assistant for a Dermatologist

Let me start off by saying my face isn’t perfect! That being said I have learned some tips and tricks to avoid spontaneous breakouts, reduce sun spots and aging.

I start my day by taking a warm shower. When I shampoo my hair, I make sure not to scrub my head too vigorously in order to prevent having an itchy dry scalp. I make sure to allow the water run over my face a little to open my pores and wash off oils. Iin the last minute or two of my shower I make the water colder to wake up and tighten my skin. If you don’t typically shower in the morning you can simply wash your face. Make sure to avoid oily, acidic products when washing, in most cases simply using water and dove bar soap for sensitive skin is enough.

When I am done with my shower I make sure I am completely dry! This includes my feet! I have found that most people don’t wipe down and dry their feet. They assume that the bath mat is good enough. Doing this can create fungus in between your toes which can grow and make your feet smell.

After I am dry I moisturize my body with a moisturizer for sensitive skin. For my face I use a moisturizer that has green tea extract. If you use a moisturizer with a pump bottle on average you will need about 4-6 pumps before you get enough ingredients to soak into your skin! Fun fact! I normally do not wear makeup at work, but if I am going out later that day and I want a little pick me up I apply a thin coat of vaseline to my lashes about 10 minutes before applying my mascara. I found this prevents clumping and pulling the lashes when I need to remove it later.

Throughout the day I try to drink a lot of water and try to take note of how often I touch my face. (I found out I do it a lot, especially when I sit I lean on my palms). When I come home from work I tend to re-wash my face with a gentle face wash that has no exfoliating beads because they are too rough on my skin. If you are like me, when you wear makeup and wash your face not all of your mascara comes off. To prevent being too harsh on my eye I take a little olive oil and gently wipe my eyes. Comes off instantly!

Finally, about an hour before bed I use a topical retinoid called Tretinoin! Retinoids help unclog your pores, reduce inflammation (redness around your blemishes), and helps increase the creation of collagen which prevents wrinkles in the future!

I hope this has helped! Unfortunately I cannot give you exact products because the doctor I work for creates all of his own products. But feel free to comment below and I may be able to point you in the right direction!

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