Flower Pressing Project!

I used a photo frame from the local Dollar Tree and some old flowers from Valentine’s day for this project.

Choosing Flowers:

Choose colors that are bright enough that if they lose a little luster they will still stick out. Pick a theme, I choose simple springtime.

Pressing Flowers:

There are several different ways to press flowers. I chose to place the flower face down between two pages in an old notebook that had no writing on it. (The paper absorbs the moisture in the flower to flatten and dry it out. You don’t want any ink on the flower.) Make sure to remove any stem when doing this. The flower needs to be flat! Then close the book and put something heavy on it, I used our weighted cutting board that weighs about 5 pounds (it’s important to have the weight evenly distributed). Then I left this for about two days without touching or checking it.

Creating your masterpiece:

Once the flowers are pressed it’s time to get creative! Remove the components of the frame and strategically place your flower arrangement against the glass without pressing on it. To make it easier try using a tweezers, the flowers are very delicate!  

Now you have an original decoration, hope you enjoy this project!

8 thoughts on “Flower Pressing Project!

  1. They look so pretty. I’ve always loved pressed flowers. My parents have some up that they either got from family or did themselves and I’ve always thought about trying to do one. We used to press flowers when I was little but we never did anything with them, I’ll have to see when we get flowers in the garden if I remember to give it a go again.

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