Our First Product Review!

This week we received our first product to review in the mail! The product was from the company Crave. Crave is a pretty well known pet food company! Their product is a non soy, non grain cat food. It is a protein rich product to give energy to your furry friend!

As a owner of two picky eaters, one indoor and one outdoor, I was pleased  to read that the first ingredient is real salmon! This product came in a twin pack which was easier for me to distribute to my two cats and both of them gobbled it up in a matter of minutes! You can find this product in stores or on chewy which has a case of 24 twin-packs on sale for $27.44. I would highly recommend this product to any cat owner!

Check our YouTube channel for the full product review, and watch at how much our furry friends love this product! Be sure to like and Subscribe! Thanks for stopping by!

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