Fallen Book Review

I have read this book numerous times over the years and sometimes you just need a dark love story in your life. This book has everything; action, adventure, romance, sadness and even some funny parts! It is such a quick read and is the first in a mini-series.

Fallen by Lauren Kate is all about Lucinda Price and her journey to a reform school called Swords and Cross where she learns to confront her past. She is constantly being haunted by the event landing her in the school in the first place, a kiss and then a flame, and then he was gone. But the past is not the only thing haunting her, she is constantly being followed by the shadows who were once harmless enough to  be thought of as a figment of her imagination. But now they just keep coming and have learned to interact with her and those she loves. As she comes to this new school, in hopes of a new start, she finds that everything was smooth sailing for the first 10 minutes. That is, until she found herself being drawn to two amazing boys who could not be more different. Now, thrown in a love triangle, Lucinda, or Luce for short, must find out what she is feeling and how each boy would respond to her true past. Will she be charmed by Cam or be desperate for Daniel? Will they accept her? Run away? Or fight for her? As she tries to figure this out she discovers another burning question that may change everything… What are they?

If you want to immerse yourself in a quick read all about love, loss and desire then this is the story for you! Fall in love with the characters and try to answer Luce’s questions before she does!

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