Take The Selfie – Guest Post by The Nerd Queen

Traveling is so much fun and there is no reason why you shouldn’t spend your trip documenting the exciting things you’ve done or the amazing things you’ve seen. But, what do you do when you are traveling solo or you want a picture of yourself and your companion in front of something and don’t want to give your phone or camera to someone else?
There is so much stigma surrounding selfies, or selfie culture as social media users are known to call it. Older generations see it as narcissism at its worst and some people tend to be judgemental or snide when they see someone taking a selfie.
Over the years when speaking to other girls and young people alike who travel as much as they can, a common theme became apparent. A nervousness and general anxiety over taking a selfie while on your trip. Fear of being judged, called out or even mocked always came up.
So here are some tips for taking the travel selfies you want with confidence.
The Nerd Queen’s guide to Travel Selfies
1. Don’t be afraid: 
Easier said than done, we know but your trip won’t last forever, and you shouldn’t be scared of taking the selfie you want. The people around you won’t be there tomorrow, but the memory made in that photo will be.
2. Be aware of your surroundings: 
One complaint made by people who hate tourists and the selfies they take is that they aren’t conscious of the people around them. Before taking your selfie take a moment to ensure you aren’t in anyone’s way or in a dangerous spot that could get you injured or in trouble.
3. If the location bans selfie sticks, follow the rules: 
Ever since the invention of the selfie stick, they have been banned from most amusement parks and some national monuments. Keep your eyes peeled for signs that state not to use selfie sticks. But just because selfie sticks aren’t allowed doesn’t mean you can’t snap a quick picture using your hands.
4. Experiment with angles and where you stand: 
If you find that when setting yourself up for a selfie that the thing you wish to take a selfie in front of is not showing up properly, don’t feel embarrassed to adjust your stance. If you need to take a few steps to get the castle behind you in the shot, that’s okay.
5. Relax, the photo doesn’t have to be perfect: 
Don’t get caught up in taking that perfect picture where the sun is just right and the Eiffel tower is over your shoulder just so. Line yourself up as best you can, take the shot and move on to the next amazing thing on your itinerary.
6. When you look at everyone around you and you wonder if you should do it, the answer is yes. Take the Selfie: 
So what if the locals are watching or someone casts an evil eye on the young person snapping a selfie in front of Mount Rushmore, this is your trip, so long as you aren’t hurting anyone or trespassing on restricted areas then snap with confidence.
It’s easy when traveling to want to fit in wherever you are, and the smallest things can make you anxious or concerned. Perhaps no one will give you the side eye over a selfie but you are still nervous and that is okay, it happens to everyone.
Selfies get a bad reputation but there is nothing wrong with taking them, be selfie positive and enjoy yourself, take pictures and make memories to last a lifetime.
The Nerd Queens is a travel and blog for general nerdyness written by transatlantic best friends Cole and Nana.

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