Mother’s Day Appreciation

Hey guys so as you know Mother’s Day was this past Sunday. We wanted to show our appreciation for all the moms out there by sharing some fun stories from our moms.

Lucas told me this story about his mom: They had been outside carrying patio furniture back inside before it was supposed to rain. But out of nowhere the rain started to come down in buckets. Not only that but some loud thunder came barreling through the air. Lucas and his mom took shelter under the pavilion in his backyard expecting the storm to move away in a few minutes. 10 minutes had passed with more howling wind and thunder. He said they were just laughing at themselves for thinking the storm would pass quickly. He also said it reminded him of how similar the two of them are and how much he appreciates her for that. Don’t worry, they eventually made it back inside safe and sound!

My story with my mom: It was Christmas Eve, and my mom’s best friend Donna was going to celebrate her first Christmas without her Daughter. Her husband had passed away and her daughter had just moved away. Poor Donna was so upset she decided not to do any decorating and she was going to stay inside and watch movies. But my mom decided we would drive out to her house with a Christmas tree and decorations on Christmas Eve. We showed up and surprised her and spent the night celebrating Christmas Eve together. My mom taught me that holidays aren’t about presents or treats, they’re about family and being together even in down times.

Have a story to tell about your mom? Just want to show some appreciation to the hard working mothers out there? Let us know in the comments below!

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