Our New Favorite NYC Bar

This past weekend we traveled to the city to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We all went to the Pioneers bar! The bar is a short walk from Penn Station and has its bar/sitting area downstairs with a cool loft above. The loft is for private parties and can be rented through their website. They have a lot of interesting beers on tap but that is not the best part! There are so many games and activities for large groups to enjoy! They have arcade games like electric beer pong and pinball, and table games like pool and even giant Jenga!

Lucas and I first went to this bar for my friend Carolin’s birthday. We went with a sizable group and had a great time! Lucas and I grabbed a dry rose cider and a Bronx pale ale and then we decided to play some of the many games. We started with the beer pong and ended up getting the second highest score on the list! Then Lucas played the pool and barely won in a two-on-two game. We spent the most time playing with the giant Jenga because it was easy to reset and get the whole group involved. Each Jenga piece was customized with past bar-goers’ writing which made each turn a bit more interesting!

Have you been to this bar? Been to another cool place? Let us know in the comments below!

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