Candle Haul

Hello Loves! Today I have decided to do my very first binge buy of one of my favorite things..candles! I went to Michaels arts and crafts store and noticed that they are currently having a 3 for $10 candle sale on any Ashland candle that is 17oz! So I got a mix of Spring and Summer scented candles that I am so excited to tell you all about! So here we go!

Spring Scented Candles!



Spring Bouquet:

So my first spring themed candle is of course the Spring Bouquet. This is a lovely pastel shade of green and has a subtle grassy scent that reminds me of morning dew! It is the perfect candle to light during the day when we are working from home because it keeps us positive and the mood light!





Sicilian Grove:

This candle has a beautiful apple red color to it. I believe it is trying to smell like a mix of fruits including oranges and apples. It has a more pronounced scent than the Spring Bouquet candle but definitely smells like a sweet fruit.




Champagne Blush:

This by far is my favorite Spring scented candle. It has a lovely pastel pink color and smells light and fresh. I think this is the perfect candle to have in your bathroom or to light right before you have company come over! It smells like a beautiful mix of champagne and sweet fruity soap. I love this one so much that I actually purchased two of these!


Summer Scents:



Watermelon Spritzer:

Let me just start out by saying that I am more in love with my two summer scents than my Spring scents! This Watermelon Spritzer candle is so true to its name! It smells exactly like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher which is the perfect smell for summer! There is no subtlety to this candle, however, so I would light it in a bigger room or general area!



Coconut Sea Salt:

This Candle is my favorite of the bunch! It has a gorgeous deep blue color and brings me to a tropical location every time I light it! You can really smell the sweet coconut mixed with ocean air! This candle is the perfect amount of scent, you can light it in almost any space! I cannot wait to be able to use it for a Summer themed party!



Let us know what scents are your favorites down below!

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