Our Weekly FaceBook Fitness Challenge!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! In hope of staying motivated to reach our fitness goals for this Summer Lucas and I have decided to start posting Weekly fitness challenges on our facebook page!

Last week’s challenge was to take the stairs! We decided whenever there was a choice between an elevator and the stairs we would take the stairs that week. For me that meant taking the stairs going to and from work. Just a little bit every day helped me stay mentally on track for my workout and helped keep me motivated even at work! Lucas doesn’t have an elevator to get to work but often visits buildings and clients that are on the upper floors. He told me it got tough when he had to go to some customers on the 20th floor! He said he was glad to complete the challenge for that week but is looking forward to a different one next week! It’s experiences like these that keep us motivated and looking forward to the results of all our hard work!

Now, we understand that not everyone has the capability to do every challenge but we hope that this helps you strive towards that finish line to your desired summer body. Check the page here for this weeks challenge and be sure to follow and like the page to vote on upcoming challenges, see posts and interact with our lovely community!

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