Princess Brunch with K98.3 and Walk 97.5

Hello our lovely readers! Today I wanted to share all about my experience working at the Long Island Princess Brunch! This month it was hosted by K98.3 and Walk 97.5 at the beautiful Windows on the Lake in Lake Ronkonkoma. These two amazing radio stations partnered with Magical Memories Events to allow over 300 children to have brunch with their favorite princesses!

Several princesses attended this event in their best dresses and dancing shoes! I was dressed as the snow princess (cannot name characters full names because of restrictions but you know who they are!). There were two event sessions 3 hours each. Each session started when all of the families were invited into the ballroom to take their seats. From their seats they waved to each princess as the fairy godmother introduced them one by one. Once we were all inside and ready to party we split up, the original princesses stayed to greet everyone while the new age princesses headed to the photo booth. At the booth we got to take photos with each individual child and boomerangs with groups! What I thought was great was that instead of the kids being bored on line, several of the event’s sponsors had booths around the line handing out magic wands, stickers and tattoos!


Once we took a photo with all of our new friends we got to head back into the ballroom to join in a sing along with a few of the other princesses. We sang several songs with the help of all of the little princes and princesses including “How Far I’ll Go” and “Let It Go”! After the sing along the original princesses went to the photo booth and we stayed to have a dance party! We even played freeze dance with the ice queen! Each session went by very fast and was so much fun! In between each session we got to hang out in the bridal suite while we had our own princess brunch. This was an amazing experience and I cannot wait until the next event!

Have you ever been to a princess brunch? Which character would you be? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Princess Brunch with K98.3 and Walk 97.5

  1. I love moments like these, being able to bring a child’s dream to life and make special personal memories with them, it’s truly heart-warming and something that will stay with your forever. One of the most rewarding jobs out there, seeing a child’s face light up when they recognise who “you” are. Even though I’ve never had the opportunity to be a princess I have “befriended” many children’s characters.
    I’m glad you had a wonderful event, you all look incredible.

    Emma x

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