Three Tools Every Blogger Should Use!

Hello fellow bloggers! Throughout the past few months we have been trying out several tools in order to help us develop our blog, boost our productivity and increase our engagement with our followers! So without further ado, here are three tools we have found on our journey that we think will help virtually every blogger!

  1. The Repost App for Instagram

If you are like us, you use Instagram as one of many platforms to reach your followers, share your content and keep up to date with trends! A major reason people are successful on social media is because they are constantly engaging with their followers. One easy way to do that is to add a shout out to a follower using your product, participating in your journey or just simply going above and beyond! On Instagram, when you repost someone’s photo or “regramming” you are not only giving that person a shout out but you are also boosting their page as well!


  1. Letter Boards

A letter board is a great tool for us bloggers! It adds some visual help to our day-to-day work. Not to mention some extra flare to our pictures! Maybe the best part about a letter board is how many varieties there are. From different color backgrounds to letter customization, the options are only limited by our imagination. I use this tool for grabbing attention for a blog post. The bright colors of my board and simple word choice helps give a quick snip of the post all from a colorful and entertaining picture. Also, not every post has that “perfect” picture for it’s featured photo, but with a letter board gives a quick solution every time!

  1. Planners

Every blogger has to plan for the future of their blog. Whether it be what needs to be done for a new post, to gain followers, or to communicate with the community, we need to keep our thoughts together and plan everything out. A fantastic tool for planning is a planner! I keep everything in one place in a little calendar planner. I keep day-to-day tasks in the planner to help with to-do lists and even help plan ahead on future posts. Keeping yourself organized is part of being a blogger, I cannot stress enough how much a planner has helped me with this!

Do you know about any other tools for bloggers? What is your favorite social media platform to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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