DIY Flower Wig

Happy Tangled Tuesday everyone! This weekend we volunteered with Sunrise Walks to give children with pediatric cancer the opportunity to go to summer camp! Sunrise Walks has a mission to give kids the chance to forget about their illness and be able to enjoy the Summer and the many activities it brings! The best part is that the day camp, year round and in-hospital recreational activities are available to these children and their siblings free of charge! Last week we wrote all about where we got our costume and our review of each product we purchased which you can see here! As I promised, I wanted to talk all about how I made my Rapunzel wig my own! If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll remember that when she gets into the kingdom the first time, the children in the town help Rapunzel keep her hair contained by braiding it and decorated it by adding flowers!

The first step to decorating your very own Rapunzel wig is to brush it out. It is very important to keep knots out of your wig for styling it later. While brushing the wig out, if you are using a synthetic wig like me, the fibers may start to break. A quick tip for this is to put the frayed part into warm water and mix with fabric softener. It should be in there for about 30 minutes, but be careful not to let it soak for too long or it could damage the hair.



Once you’ve brushed out your hair you are ready for braids and styling. For my wig I split the hair into three sections. In each section I made a smaller braid that I used later on top of each section for the larger braid. Then I wove the three sections into a larger braid and tied it all off. I made sure to keep the smaller braids showing on top with every cross of the larger braid for added decoration.



The last step to decorate your Rapunzel wig is the flowers of course. Simple fake flowers from the Dollar Store will do the trick. Make sure you get a bunch of different colors to put together into clusters. It may be easier to match clusters of flowers before you put them in the wig as well! Once you’ve organized your flowers it’s time to put them on your wig. Quick tip: use blonde bobby pins with each flower to help keep your flowers in place. Make sure you spread out the flowers in an even pattern, and have fun with it to make it your own!

Once you have your fully decorated Rapunzel wig it’s time to try it on! This wig can be very heavy so make sure you use extra bobby pins to pin it up. I used two wig caps under the wig with bobby pins to pin it to my natural hair, then more bobby pins to pin the wig to the wig cap and my hair. These together made the wig stay on for 8 hours with just small adjustments. I know it’s a lot of work while doing it but trust me when I say, seeing those kids faces and allowing them to feel the wig and be amazed was totally worth it! In the end of the day, I may feel like a princess, but it’s all for the kids!

Have you styled a wig before? Which princesses hair is your favorite? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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