Book Review “Alice” – by Christina Henry

This book is great! It is a very dark spin on the well known tale of Alice in Wonderland. As a forewarning this book is not for the faint of heart, and it can be graphic at times. In this version of the story you learn all about how Alice was hidden away because of a  power within her, stolen away because of her beauty, and escaped. There’s only one problem, she doesn’t remember from who or what she escaped.

This is a perfect book for those who like to piece together information to get the bigger picture. The story starts with Alice in a ward, dreaming of things that don’t exist, or do they? She doesn’t remember. She meets Hatcher through a mouse hole and there begins the most selfless love story ever written. There is no desire to become intimate, no need to label it, just the dependence they share and determination to protect the other.

I truly believe that if you are interested in authors such as Stephen King, or shows like ‘Once’ you will love this book. Once you finish story there is a sequel, so don’t fret when you get to the end. And once you are finished with this two book series she has another book called ‘Lost Boys’ which is another dark spin on the tale of Captain Hook.

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