My February Favorites!

So March is here and I for one cannot wait to see what it has in store for us! I wanted to share some of my favorite products, quotes and books from last month! So without further ado here are my February Favorites!

  1. Our Oil Diffuser!
  • We purchased this diffuser for $40 at Marshalls. It came with the diffuser itself plus two bottles of different scented oils! We currently have three scents; Eucalyptus, Lavender and Orange. I have said this numerous times but I am a HUGE fan of aromatherapy. The Eucalyptus is perfect for when we are just trying to have a calm morning, lavender for sleep and orange for when we have a productive day. There are a few things to mention, however, if you have a pet this product may not be for you. There are several articles about how the oils can actually make your furry friends sick so be careful!
  1. Que Bella Face Mask
  • I love face masks and normally stick to the one my dermatologist creates but sometimes I like to explore other options. I purchased this product at Target for $2.99. This is a peel off mask and it starts off as a gel. I like this better than the paper masks because you can control just how much you put on. I have written a small review on this product in my post about Twitter picking my day, here. This mask is very satisfying to peel off and smells delicious while its on, I highly recommend it!
  1. “Alice” by Christina Henry
  • I am a huge lover of Grimm’s tales and deranged horror novels like those by Stephen King. Christina is a slightly lighter author who writes very easy to read stories. This particular story is about Alice from the well known tale of Alice in Wonderland. This book has many twists and turns. I have done a full review which you can see here. If you like dark tales you’ll love this book!
  1. “The Less you Reveal the more people wonder” Emma Watson
  • I love this quote by Emma Watson because it is very inspiring to me. I feel like mystery is something that draws people to you and can give you a more polished persona.  This doesn’t mean you should avoid people and never talk about yourself but there are certain things that should stay private. I feel like in our current time there is a lot less secrecy. People post about every moment of their lives and express some thoughts that may be better kept to themselves.
  1. The Greatest Showman
  • I am sure I am not the only person who was obsessed with this film. Lucas and I saw this in theaters and both were amazed at how well the movie was made. I love movies that are based off of real events or people. The fact that this movie follows the traveling circus that I grew up loving was amazing! The music was well written, the voices were beautiful and I felt like I really could get attached to all the characters! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you see it. If you have seen it I’m sure you already know how great it is!

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